Meet Ron Burgy


 Shooting has always been a  part of my military and personal life.    I find competitive shooting enjoyable.    Also, it's a skill builder, should I ever need to use my shooting skills in military or personal situations.

Born and raised in Indianapolis,  Indiana,  son of a World War II  Army Air Corps veteran (8th AF),  military service  was always going to be part of my life.     The Citadel,  the Military College of South Carolina,  in Charleston,  provided my entrance into the Army in May,  1972.   

As a Ranger and Airborne qualified Infantry officer,   I always applied my shooting and teaching skills to insure my units were  well trained in marksmanship, using  the M-16 (AR-15),  the Colt Government model M1911 .45,  and later the M9/M92  9mm Beretta.    My Rifle Company Commanders were mostly chopper pilots,  so it was always  "LT Burgy,  take the company to the range and qualify"......."Yes Sir!!!"   And that experience continued into over two decades of Army Guard and Army Reserve experience.

 My fulltime career from leaving active duty in 1977 was in the Information Technology industry,  first with EDS,  Ross Perot's firm in Dallas,  and later in Denver with two national firms,  before starting my own company.

I am married for over 30 years to Debbie,  whom I met at church.     We have three grown married children,  and four grandkids.    We are active in church,  enjoy our family time,  and are beach people when it comes to vacations.

I take great pleasure in serving my Lord, Jesus Christ and using the gifts He has given me to prepare students for the serious moral, spiritual and mental issues that confront those who would assume the responsibility of wielding deadly force.      John 15:13  NIV says  "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."    Those called to defend should prepare for the battle in advance.......... 


My shooting and Instructor credentials include being one of only 500 soldiers  (Army, Army Reserve, Army Guard) who earned  both the Distinguished Rifleman Badge and the Distinguished Pistol Shot badge,  military badges from the 1880's to present.

Military Instructor Certifications include the ITC (Instructors Training Course) from Special Warfare Center,  Fort Bragg, (1988)  and the MOI (Methods of Instruction) Course from the 25th Infantry Division  (1975).

My NRA Credentials are as a Certified Pistol Instructor,   Certified Rifle Instructor (pending),  Personal Protection Inside the Home,  Personal Protection Outside the Home (pending),  and Chief Range Safety Officer.

Under Colorado Revised Statues,  I am qualified to teach and fulfil the requirements for Concealed Carry Permits.      I am pending approval for the Utah permit.