DIRECT INTERNET PURCHASE:    Tell us what you are shopping for.    Including optics, and accessories,   sometimes we can beat the price on the big internet gun websites,  and big internet retailers.      Drop us an email to  and give us the details of what you are interested in.      Or call us at 303-918-6890

BUYING A GUN ON THE INTERNET:    and many other sites offer the opportunity to buy a gun on the internet,  but it has to be delivered to an FFL  (Federal Firearms License)  gun dealer in your state of residence,  where you show up in person to take delivery.    This service is commonly called a  "transfer"  and picking a dealer that is convenient to your place of residence or work.      Colorado Class 3 is happy to do transfers and our total fee is $35.

In additional,  all of our paperwork is email/electronic based,  so when you come by to pick up your gun,  its a 5 minute process to sign,  show your drivers license,  examine the gun and you are on your way........  No waiting around for the CBI NICS check to clear,  which can be 5 minutes to 5 hours.      Also,  we regularly schedule after hours,  evening and weekend appointments.