1.   Who is your profile customer?      Since I grew up in the city as a computer industry professional, (concurrent with my Army Guard and Reserve service)  I have found a lot of white collar professionals, and their families,   that have never been exposed to firearms ownership and shooting.   And as our society has become more dangerous,  these suburbanites are finding themselves with an interest in owning a gun,  but don't know where to start....... and they don't want to go to a "Rambo" style shooting course.   Sometimes even gun stores can be overwhelming  I am offering a discrete, individualized alternative to the majority of instruction that is given in the Denver marketplace.

2.   Is your schedule flexible?     Yes,   while I still do some consulting in the IT industry part time,  I prefer to give firearms training and classes during the weekdays and evenings.    And we can break the courses into two or three separate sessions,  since our classes are small  (basically semi private).   The shooting ranges are less crowded on weekdays,  and teaching is much more productive.    Our fully equipped classroom is available day or evening,  so its range time we try and schedule during off peak times.    Outdoor is best, weather permitting.    We have access to multiple shooting ranges and private land.    Range fees  vary.

3.    Are you a  "Rambo" style instructor?      If you read my bio,  you see that the early part of my life was active duty Infantry,   and later Armor (tanks) and Special Forces  (Green Berets).    But the common thread before, during and after my military days,  was heavy competitive shooting and marksmanship training of soldiers.   So, at 60 plus  years of age,  my military days are far behind me.    I especially enjoy taking someone who has no or little shooting experience and teaching the mental process to allow them to shoot better than other people with far more rounds down range........  Once you know the fundamentals,  its all mental concentration.

4.   Your prices are higher than Groupon?     Simply stated,  we spend more individual time with our students and take a personal responsibility in your becoming a gun owner,  shooter, and possibly a CCW permit holder.   We don't rush the training process, and we don't take shortcuts.

5.    Where are you located,  classroom and ranges?    Our classroom is located in the Parker and Orchard Road area.     We have multiple outdoor and indoor ranges,  but most are I-25 and East,  somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour East of Denver.    Just a fact of life,  outdoor shooting ranges are located in the middle of no where..........

6.   Can you customize instruction?   Absolutely.    I talk with each student by phone to assess their skills and interests,  and we jointly make the training plan together.    Instruction is $50 an hour plus range fees,  depending on which range location you choose.

7.    Any  price discounts for Senior Citizens?     Well,  I don't consider someone a Senior unless they are 70 or older,  so yes.

8.   Will you teach younger kids to shoot?  I do enjoy taking families learning how to shoot,  and as long as the pace is slow and safe.    But there are many great programs in the non profit shooting clubs here in the area,  along with Boy Scouts and 4H.   We can put you in touch with those organizations..........

9.   Do you sell guns?     We are able to beat most internet auction sites on popular pistols and rifles.   We do not stock guns,  but during your training with us,  we can help you select the brand and caliber that best fits your needs.......if you find it cheaper elsewhere,  no problem.......

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