Our Training Philosophy:

Why does the Denver marketplace needs another  "Firearms Instructor"  when there are dozens advertising on Groupon,  at gun shows,   working at the various  shooting ranges,  and the inevitable  friend who says  "I know someone who teaches  shooting..."   ? 

Our  model of teaching people to shoot,  and if necessary utilize their skills to defend themselves is unique.  It   is based upon discrete, individually tailored instruction  centered around the needs and desires of the individual.    Training covered and shooting/range time will always far exceed the CCW legal requirements of Colorado and Utah.   

Our classes are less than four students,  giving the Instructor plenty of time with each student to maximize the learning experience and insure the value for the time spent.     We have access to multiple outdoor, indoor, and private shooting locations.

Definitely,  we are not the " hotel conference room"  full of students  fulfilling the requirements for the Colorado and Utah  CCW permits.    And quite frankly,  if you have the firearms skills already, and the mindset,  those classes are a quick, easy, and cost effective way to fulfill the requirements to apply for your CCW permit.

While each class and session is tailored to the individuals,  to give potential customers an idea of costs,  see below:

NRA Basic Pistol Course   $129.00 plus range fees

An introductory course for those with no real experience with firearms and who are ready to start from  ground zero:  Safety, Basic skills of pistol marksmanship,  Firing and safely operating the major types of pistols and more.     About 4 hours and some dry fire hands-on in the classroom,   with an additional  2-3 hours on the range.     This course can be scheduled  into two sessions.    These times can vary accord  to the skills of the students.      The NRA has moved to online learning and more range time,  less classroom time can be available if the online option is taken.     Loaner pistols, targets, eye and ear protection are provided,  ammunition available for purchase.    While this course will fulfill the Colorado legal requirement to apply for the CCW permit,  additional training is recommended. 


Colorado/Utah  CCW Permit Course    $129.00 plus range fees

Meeting the requirements of Colorado and Utah,  this course will skim the NRA Basic Pistol Course,  but will deal with CCW laws and issues,  along with additional range time delve deeper into the practical and legal issues of using a pistol for self defense.


Individual Instruction   $50 per hour plus range fees

This option is best for couples and others who want to cover specific areas in shooting.    Or perhaps to improve skills.       Once you have the fundamentals down,  shooting becomes more mental discipline and practice,  than it is additional teaching..........